Our Story


The Shaba Kitchen came to life in October 2021, fueled by the shared passion of Nerjes Shaba and her husband, Mike. It all began with a simple, yet unforgettable moment captured in a viral video – Nerjes' attempt to cook a steak for Mike. That moment, marked by laughter, love, and a sizzling steak, sparked the birth of The Shaba Kitchen.

Cooking had always been a cherished passion for Nerjes. Inspired by the vibrant world of online cooking sensations, she decided to embrace her culinary love wholeheartedly.

Since then, The Shaba Kitchen has become a part of countless lives, bringing joy and inspiration to kitchens around the world. The Shaba Kitchen has accumulated more than 1 billion total video views across all social media platforms, and over 6 million total followers including: 1.3 million on Facebook, 2.9 million on TikTok, 1 million on Instagram, 879K on Snapchat, and 258K on YouTube.

But our story doesn't stop at cooking. The Shaba Kitchen has evolved to offer more than just recipes. We've dived into the world of cleaning hacks, explored the art of table decorations, and even ventured into painting tricks. Our catalog is ever-expanding, just like the flavors we bring to your kitchen.

Join us on this exciting journey, where the heart of our kitchen is the love for food, family, and fun. Together, we'll continue to explore, experiment, and savor life's beautiful moments.